"How about I get active? There's a playground over there..." L, age 8

At Norup International IB School we educate nearly 800 elementary and middle school aged children to be world citizens who are thinkers, open minded, risk-takers, knowledgeable, communicators, balanced, reflective, principled and inquirers.  Our school has been adapted from a middle school and currently has no playground.  Our K-5 graders walk through a muddy pathway, across a parking lot and over a field to access the former elementary school's (which is now Berkley's district offices) playground which has not been updated in decades. The Norup playground team is comprised of volunteer parents. Our goal is to build our students and the community a global play nation where they can engage in play; exercising their minds, spirits and bodies. 


are broken and rusted

Monkey Bars

are surrounded by gravel

Concrete Tunnels

are from the 1950's.